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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic questions and answers to help you get started.

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General FAQs

What services does Verdant DevCore offer?

Verdant DevCore offers a range of services including custom software development (for mobile and web apps), website development, product and user experience design, nearshore development, offshore development, IT consulting, managed cloud services, equity-based development, enterprise-level staff augmentation, and end-to-end services.

How long has Verdant DevCore been in business?

Verdant DevCore was founded in 2018. Since then, we have been delivering exceptional solutions to clients worldwide.

Where is Verdant DevCore located?

Verdant DevCore operates with a distributed team. Our dedicated workspaces are located in Lagos, Nigeria; Toronto, ON, Canada; Kennesaw, GA, USA; Oslo, Norway; and more. However, we serve clients globally.

How does Verdant DevCore ensure the quality of its services?

At Verdant DevCore, we are committed to delivering high-quality services. We have a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in their respective domains. We follow industry best practices, employ rigorous testing methodologies, and prioritize customer satisfaction to ensure the quality of our deliverables.

What industries does Verdant DevCore serve?

We cater to clients across various industries, including but not limited to finance, healthcare, capital markets, insurance, e-commerce, hospitality, travel, and technology. Our team’s diverse expertise allows us to adapt our services to meet the specific needs of different industries.

How does Verdant DevCore ensure communication and collaboration with clients?

Communication and collaboration are essential to our project success. We leverage various communication channels, including video conferencing, email, and project management tools, to ensure seamless and effective communication with our clients. We also provide regular progress updates and encourage client feedback throughout the project lifecycle.

Is my data secure with Verdant DevCore?

Yes, we take data security seriously. We implement robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive information. Our infrastructure and systems are designed to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and protection against unauthorized access.

How can I get started with Verdant DevCore's services?

To get started, simply reach out to us through our contact channels. Our team will be happy to discuss your requirements, provide consultation, and guide you through the process of starting a project with Verdant DevCore.

Project FAQS

What is the process for starting a project with Verdant DevCore?

To start a project with Verdant DevCore, we begin with a discovery phase where we gather requirements, analyse your business needs, and determine project scope. We then provide a detailed proposal, including timelines, deliverables, and cost estimates. Upon agreement, we initiate the project development phase.

Can Verdant DevCore handle projects of varying sizes and industries?

Yes, absolutely! We have experience working on projects of varying sizes, from startups to enterprise-level organizations. Our team possesses expertise across multiple industries, enabling us to cater to diverse project requirements.

What is the typical timeframe for project delivery?

The timeframe for project delivery varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We work closely with clients to establish realistic timelines and ensure efficient project management. Throughout the development process, we provide regular updates to keep you informed of the progress.

How does the equity-based development model work?
Our equity-based development model offers a unique opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to access our expertise in exchange for equity ownership in their ventures. The specific equity stake is determined based on various factors such as the nature of the venture, industry, market viability, statement of work (SOW), and founder/team experience. The percentage of the initial financial obligation required from the client is negotiable, providing a fair and mutually beneficial partnership.
Is the percentage of equity ownership fixed, or can it be negotiated?

The percentage of equity ownership is not fixed and can be negotiated. We understand that each venture is unique, and we strive to establish a fair and mutually beneficial partnership. The percentage is determined based on various factors, and we work closely with you to find the right balance that aligns with your goals and our investment.

What is the minimum deposit required for equity-based development?

For equity-based development projects, we require a minimum deposit of 50% of the total cost of the development project (plus taxes). This deposit ensures commitment and serves as a starting point for our partnership.

How does Verdant DevCore ensure ongoing support after project completion?

Our commitment to client success extends beyond project completion. We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your solutions. Our dedicated support team is available to address any issues, perform updates, and provide ongoing assistance as needed.